Overarching Statement

Drumcondra AFC, the Club, players, coaches, and guardians, strive to implement and encourage an approach to football activity emphasising fair play. This is underpinned by the Club’s belief that enjoyment and growth are the primary rewards from involvement in football at Drumcondra AFC.

This code of conduct sets out the Club’s expectations of those coming together under its name.



  • Respect the game and the rules by playing fairly.
  • Respect opposing clubs, match officials, your own club and club members.
  • Respect decisions taken by coaches and match officials.
  • Undertake to attend training and matches and support the Club and coaches in these activities.
  • Act with dignity when representing Drumcondra AFC.
  • Never train or play a match if you feel unwell or injured.



  • Acting as a role model, encourage players to adhere to the rules and fair play of football through your own conduct.
  • Promote an approach to match play that focuses on enjoyment and effort not just the end result.
  • Ensure opportunity for players, where appropriate, to be heard.
  • Where practically possible, communicate clearly and in good time with parents/guardians about team activities.
  • Where practically possible give adequate playing time to all players to assist their development.
  • Be balanced when giving praise, providing guidance to and setting expectations for players.
  • Encourage respect for other clubs’ teams, their facilities and supporters.
  • Be mindful of child welfare obligations including health of players during training and matches.



  • Respect Drumcondra AFC players and opponents, coaching teams, match officials and facilities.
  • Applaud good play by Drumcondra AFC teams and their opponents.
  • Support Club coaches to conduct football activity in a safe and enjoyable manner for players.
  • Do not interfere with the conduct of play at any fixture.
  • Act to minimise hurtful treatment, physical or verbal abuse of Club members, opponents, supporters and match officials.



  • Support players’ decisions to play football, to enjoy football and learn new skills among their peers.
  • Facilitate coaching staff to lead training and fixtures on behalf of the Club.
  • Support your child’s regular attendance at training and fixtures.
  • Nurture your child’s growth across the skills, teamwork and behaviour expected of fair play in football, including winning/losing.
  • Assist the club to challenge negative behaviour directed at any person at training or matches.


The Club

  • Undertakes to treat all coaches, parents and players with dignity.
  • Will encourage parental/guardian involvement in all aspects of the Club’s existence and growth.
  • Commits to having appropriate policies and training in place to comply with all requirements on it as a sporting entity.
  • Strives to lead with a player-centred approach to training and fixtures in support of its members.
  • Aims to receive and process all complaints and concerns in a confidential, clear and fair manner.